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White Stag Consultancy

White Stag Investing supports financial institutions, investors and businesses in adapting their processes and strategies to the new market landscape induced by the multiple environmental crises: climate change, biodiversity crisis and water scarcity.


White Stag Investing specialises in bespoke projects and in crafting tools, processes, or strategies that have never been done before. Key competencies include:


  • ESG Investment Process / Integration / Portfolio Construction

  • Stewardship and Engagement Methodology

  • Market and Macro-Systems Analysis

  • Financial Innovation and Economic Policy Design

  • Statistical and Quantitative Methods

  • Data Visualisation, Economic Narratives and Investment Cases


Examples of past projects can be found below:

Water Stewardship Methodology

For a large Private Bank with more than CHF 600 billion in Assets Under Management, I’ve designed a transition methodology to integrate water and climate risks into the investment strategy of the bank and put its entire balance sheet onto a water-secure transition path.


This consisted in analysing which sectors were most at risk and making related companies undergo a water / climate risk assessment. Companies that would be vulnerable to these risks would have KPIs to be defined for improvement.å


An engagement and escalation strategy was further designed for companies that showed unwillingness to cooperate as well as the ones that did not meet the required KPIs. Several steps of escalation and improvement were designed until a potential final divestment.


The bank recognise the great value of this methodology and has decided to implement across the board.

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