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White Stag Investing is a research platform for responsible investments. The research follows a philosophy of investing where sustainability is a source of performance and stability in the long-term.


Current environmental and social trends are affecting our economic tissue and renders the investment landscape more challenging to navigate. By understanding and facing these new risks, investors arm themselves with the necessary tools to avoid the pitfalls of changing environments. 


Taking this responsibility for their capital is finally a source of value for investors. Our economies are heavily reliant on nature and its ecological services, yet very few recognize this fact into their investment decisions. This represents a set of unmaterialised opportunities for investors in various ESG themes and can become asset allocations in their own rights in a portfolio. This brings new sources of performance and diversification to the table.


Following this approach, impact is naturally embedded at the core of the investment strategy, further rewarding investors with meaning in their allocations.

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Nicola Lei Ravello

After 7 years as an investment analyst in the hedge funds industry, I've started covering sustainable finance on my own initiative since early 2019. I  have also been heavily engaging the (sustainable) finance community on how to recognize sustainability as a long-term source of value for investments. I've researched the most promising sustainable themes investors can engage with and analyzed their investment landscapes. I am now working as an independent research provider in that field. I have a in Economics from HEC Lausanne and a in Finance from the University of Zürich. I am an avid cook,  karateka and a hopeful windsurfer.

Trusted Partners


Sustainable Market Strategies is an independent investment strategy research service which tracks global developments in ESG and impact-investing. Sustainable Market Strategies identifies both top-down and bottom-up global ESG and impact-investment trends for investors. They are a team of seasoned experts in sustainability through their work with the IMF and the Government of Canada. I contribute to their investment research that covers more than USD 3 trillions of institutional assets.

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Ocean Assets Institute is a non-profit research group for responsible investors in the Blue Economy. They engage with the leading companies and their financiers in 3 industries: Seafood, Shipping/Ports, Marine Energy. They also help structure and raise capital for investment vehicles that advance sustainable practices and marine conservation. I contribute to one of their projects with a large development bank that will allocate USD 5 billions to restore the health of the oceans.

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Changing Habits Solutions is a Montreal based consulting company that explores solutions and strategies to help companies initiate or continue their transition towards more sustainable business models. They have on-the-ground experience after its founder has spent three years touring around the world researching the best sustainable practices by engaging with different local communities. I am in a regular discussion with them to discuss sustainability in business and finance.


The World Wild Fund (WWF) is one of the leaders in making finance more responsible and oriented to the welfare of society, nature, and future generations. They work through various initiatives in impact investing, conservation finance, and sustainability assessment. I’m working as an external partner at their offices in Zürich. I have daily exchanges with their Finance team and I am being supported on various sustainability issues.


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