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The Value of Sustainable Investing

White Stag Investing (WSI) is an investment research and consulting business in sustainable finance. It follows a philosophy of investing where sustainability is a source of value and stability in the long term. The firm further specialises on natural capital themes that are still little covered: water, oceans and biodiversity.


This philosophy follows current environmental and social trends that are affecting our economic fibre and render the investment landscape more challenging to navigate. By understanding and facing these new risks, investors arm themselves with the necessary tools to avoid the pitfalls of a new investment environment.


Taking responsibility for these new challenges is a source of value for investors. Our economies are heavily reliant on nature and its ecological services, yet very few recognise this fact in their investment decisions. This represents a set of unmaterialised opportunities in markets. 

This trade can be accessed by recognising new ESG premiums in financial portfolios, investing in game-changing sustainable solutions for the 21st century, or integrating sustainability at the core of the strategical asset allocation (SAA) and recognising therefore its potential for added value and diversification at a portfolio level. Following this approach, the impact is naturally embedded at the core of the investment strategy, further rewarding investors with meaning in their allocations.

White Stag has been supporting major financial institutions with their sustainable analysis and strategy, as well as providing daily insights on sustainable finance to the investors’ community on LinkedIn. Check White Stag’s latest projects, its research and e-books on its store !

Investmen Philosophy

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Core Values


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Nicola Lei Ravello

I am an investment analyst with 10 years of experience and 5 dedicated to the investment themes of water, oceans and biodiversity. I have developed my own investment consultancy supporting leading financial institutions to approach the risks and opportunities of these natural capital themes and craft their strategies according to their needs. I thrive in bespoke mandates where a client aims to explore a new idea, concept or develop an innovative solution. I carry my work proactively, independently and diligently, and also easily integrate with a team and like to work collaboratively. I am flexible in my working capacity both in terms of duration and workload, and can be your Swiss Army knife solution to take your project to completion. I finally feel an innate responsibility to take care of nature for the next generations and feel fulfilled when I can make an impact at scale through finance and markets. I have a in Economics from HEC Lausanne and a in Finance from the University of Zürich. In my personal life, I am an avid cook, karateka and windsurfer.


Trusted Partners

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Ocean Assets Institute is a non-profit research group for responsible investors in the Blue Economy. They engage with the leading companies and their financiers in 3 industries: Seafood, Shipping/Ports, Marine Energy. They also help structure and raise capital for investment vehicles that advance sustainable practices and marine conservation. I am Head of Research for the group and currently contributing to its mandate with the Asian Development Bank to map out the Blue Economy and design new financing mechanisms to finance its sustainable transition. This analysis will be used to deploy a USD 5 billion facility to finance our recommendations.

Sustainable Market Strategies is an independent investment strategy research service which tracks global developments in ESG and impact-investing. Sustainable Market Strategies identifies both top-down and bottom-up global ESG and impact-investment trends for investors. They are a team of seasoned experts in sustainability through their work with the IMF and the Government of Canada. I contribute to their investment research that covers more than USD 3 trillions of institutional assets.

The World Wild Fund (WWF) is one of the leaders in making finance more responsible and oriented to the welfare of society, nature, and future generations. They work through various initiatives in impact investing, conservation finance, and sustainability assessment. I'm working as a consultant with their Finance team on the elaboration of a Biodiversity Risk Tool for investment data providers. I am also in daily discussion with their Finance team about sustainability in Finance.

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Changing Habits Solutions is a Montreal based consulting company that explores solutions and strategies to help companies initiate or continue their transition towards more sustainable business models. They have on-the-ground experience after its founder has spent three years touring around the world researching the best sustainable practices by engaging with different local communities. I am in a regular discussion with them to discuss sustainability in business and finance.


Oxï-zen is a Swiss SME developing a Blockchain Infrastructure for the direct financing of carbon sequestration projects. Any natural conservation effort can go on the platform and monetise the carbon sequestration potency of its land, therefore securing a new line of sustainable financing for its preservation. This new financing mechanism readily helps global companies to contribute climate mitigation, whilst giving conservation efforts a new financing tool to preserve nature. I am currently supporting the company in its asset raise to launch the platform. Get in touch if you are interested in participating.


Serving more than 40,000 institutions in approximately 190 countries, Refinitiv provides information, insights and technology that drive innovation and performance in global financial markets. They are a leading ESG Data Provider and one of the most widely used by investors. I am a contributor to their flagship Eikon Platform, with regular ESG morning insights and offering their clients my research upon licensing.

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